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Quick Start Guide for Rewind
Quick Start Guide for Rewind
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Rewind is the first-of-it's-kind tool designed to give you perfect memory. By reading through this quick start guide in under 2 minutes, you will walk away with some superpowers:

  1. being able to navigate your computer in the fourth dimension of time

  2. having access anything you've seen, said, or heard, right at your fingertips

Installing Rewind

You can install the Rewind macOS app at

Once Rewind is downloaded, make sure to sign in. No need to enter your credit card or subscribe to get started!

Currently we only support Apple Silicon Macs (M1 or M2). Rewind works best on macOS Ventura (13) and when your primary language is set to English.

Passive capture

The magic of Rewind is that it runs in the background, passively capturing information. Before Rewind, you’d have to take copious notes, constantly organize information. Now, everything is automatically captured for you - allowing you to stay present and in the moment. You can access the controls for Rewind by clicking the Rewind logo in the menu bar at anytime. You can sync your calendar to automatically join & record the audio in your meetings, or manually toggle on Audio Capture at any time.

Opening Rewind

If you ever think to yourself "I know I saw this somewhere, where was it?!" or "What did we end up deciding last time we met?" or even "What was I just doing?", Rewind has you covered. You can open up Rewind with two different keyboard shortcuts:

  1. shift + cmd + space

  2. shift + cmd + scroll (with your trackpad or mouse)

Closing Rewind

To close Rewind, click esc on your keyboard.

Rewinding in time

After opening Rewind, you can scroll up/down (or left/right) to go back and forth in time, retracing your steps. This is particularly helpful if you want to replay past workflows ("How did I do that analysis?" or "What did my boss just say to me during our last meeting?")

Video playback

Click the audio icon (in the center of the Rewind timeline) to view the transcript and play the audio. Hover over a line in the transcript and click the grey play button to start playing from that point. To copy your transcript, click the three dots in the top right corner.

Summarize your meeting by clicking on the Details tab.


Type in any keyword into the search bar and see all the times it showed up on your screen or in conversation. Once you find what you're looking for, you can copy any text from your past or you can open that moment back up in the original app, picking up right where you left off.

Ask Rewind

Ask Rewind is like having a digital sidekick who you can ask about anything you've seen, said, or heard. It can even do work for you. Access it from the Rewind logo in the menu bar or with the shortcut cmd + shift + /

Here are some examples of how you can interact with it:

  • How do I know _____?

  • Write me a summary of my day yesterday

  • What was my flight confirmation number for JFK?

Daily Recap

Effortlessly understand your work habits so you can optimize your time (more info here). Access it from the Rewind logo in the menu bar or with the shortcut cmd + shift + ;


If you have any questions, feedback, or are experiencing any technical issues, click on the Rewind icon in the menu bar in the upper right hand corner of your Mac and click "Share Feedback".

You can also join the the Rewind Community on Slack or email [email protected] anytime! We lookin forward to hearing from you.

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