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How do I find the Daily Recap?
How do I find the Daily Recap?
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The Daily Recap feature allows you to track your usage in various apps and websites, providing insights into your time spent. Additionally, by syncing your calendar, it gives you an overview of your upcoming meetings and access to your previous meetings.

To open up your Daily Recap, click on the Rewind icon in the menu bar (upper right hand corner of your Mac) > click on Daily Recap. You can also use the keyboard shortcut + + ;

Open Details = opens up the meeting summary. You can also click to the 'Transcript' tab in see the full transcript.

Open in Timeline = opens up the meeting in the Rewind timeline. Click on the audio icon, left of the Rewind date / time to see the transcript + play back the audio. You can also 'pin' a transcript window outside of Rewind so that you can playback audio / read the transcript while also being able to take notes and be in a different app.

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