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Which video conferencing tools do you support?
Which video conferencing tools do you support?
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You can use Rewind to capture any meeting.

If you want to capture the audio in meetings, you can either:

  1. Manually pause and resume Audio Capture when a meeting begins and ends (example: in-person meetings)

  2. Change the setting so that audio automatically records for Zoom, Google Meet, and Slack Huddle meetings

To automatically record audio during meetings:

  1. Click on the Rewind Icon in Menu Bar > Settings

  2. Click on the Meetings tab

  3. Click on the drop down menu next to When a meeting starts and choose "Record automatically" or "Ask me if I want to record" (see limitations below)

  4. Click on the drop down menu next to When a meeting ends to choose how you would like to end the meeting:

    • "When the end is detected": When you close the meeting window or quit the meeting app, Rewind will detect that the meeting has ended

    • "When the calendar event ends": Audio will stop recording based on the end of the calendar event time.

    • "Never, I will do this manually": This option is best for users that change windows or tabs during meetings.

If you choose the option "Ask me if I want to record", there will be a pop-up that will ask if you want to record audio at the start of each meeting (which will toggle on Audio Capture). You can check the box to remember the setting for future meetings, or change the default in settings at any time.

Which meeting platforms will enable audio to automatically record?

Audio will automatically record for Zoom, Google Meet, and Slack Huddle meetings hosted through the native app and the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, Arc, Brave. We do not support using Google Meet Progressive Web App (PWA).

How do I record in-person meetings?

Simply turn on the Audio Capture and turn it off at the end of the meeting. For any audio segment longer than 5 minutes, you will have the ability to summarize the meeting.

Are there any limitations when choosing for audio to automatically record?

Make sure your meeting is the active window or tab, and not in a different desktop space. If you start a meeting and then move to another app that is full screen (and the app completely covers the meeting window), we aren't able to detect that a meeting is happening, and therefore turn off the audio toggles because we think the meeting has ended.

When using Slack Huddle, click on 'Open mini window'. The Slack Huddle needs to be in its own separate window in order for the the audio to automatically record.

If you're experiencing any issues with this feature, please reach us at [email protected].

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