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How do I summarize a transcript?
How do I summarize a transcript?
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Rewind can generate a summary of any meeting or recorded audio longer than 5 minutes. If you choose to use our meeting summarization feature, this requires sending the transcript through our Rewind server and a third party LLM.

Adjust your settings:

  1. Click on the Rewind Icon in Menu Bar > Settings

  2. Click on the Meetings tab

  3. Click on the drop down menu next to When a meeting ends and choose one of the following options:

    • Ask if I Want a Meeting Summary

    • Summarize Meeting Automatically

    • Summarize and Draft Email Automatically

    • Don't Automatically Summarize Meeting

To summarize a transcript:

  1. First locate the transcript

    1. Option 1: Open Rewind, click on the Meetings filter, and clicking into the transcript

    2. Option 2: Open Rewind, scroll through timeline to the time of your meeting, click on the audio icon on the left of the time / date

  2. Click on "Details" located at the top of the expanded transcript window

  3. Click on "Start"

  4. Go ahead and email, copy, or share the transcript (right under the three dots)

To navigate back to the transcript view:

  1. Click on "Transcript" located at the top of the expanded transcript window

  2. Click on the three dots > "Collapse window" to continue navigating your timeline

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