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Who has access to my data?
Who has access to my data?
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For your privacy, your screen and audio recordings are stored locally and NEVER leave your Mac. If you choose to use our meeting summarization or Ask Rewind features, only relevant text-based data is sent to the cloud. We do compression and Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) all locally on your Mac.

We have two types of information that leave your computer:

  1. Product analytics: we send over non-sensitive information such as if the app is on or off or if a search has happened. Your search query itself is never sent. This allows us to build a better product for you.

  2. Crash reports: If the app crashes or has an error we will send logs detailing what happened. This allows us to fix bugs faster for you.

If you wish to turn off product analytics & crash reporting, you can launch Settings, click on the Privacy tab, and uncheck "Help Rewind improve by sharing crash reports & usage data."

What happens if I lose access to my Mac?

We are actively exploring a sync feature. As a reminder, you can always backup your data or if you'd like to store your Rewind data on an HDD/SSD, please reach to to us at [email protected].

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