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How do I know if Rewind is capturing?
How do I know if Rewind is capturing?
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When Rewind is open, the Rewind icon will always be filled in with black. To see what Rewind is capturing at a glance, look at the two dots / indicators next to the Rewind icon in the menubar.

Top dot = Screen Capture

Bottom dot = Audio Capture

If all toggles are all off, you will see transparent / grey dots.

If Screen Capture and Audio Capture toggles are all on, you will see two filled in / black dots.

Click on the Rewind icon to view the dots that match the toggles. This what it'll look like with all toggles on. When the menu is active/clicked, the indicators are tinted to correspond with their respective capture toggles: purple for Screen Capture and orange for Audio Capture. You will notice that the capture toggles in the menu are now color-coded to aide the association between color and the recording state.

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