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What are starred moments?
What are starred moments?
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Do you ever have the feeling that something you just read might be super useful to come back but struggle to keep track of it or remember it?

Sometimes there is information that you know you’ll want to reference later (a task you want to follow up with, an interesting article, a key moment in a meeting, etc). That’s why we built starred moments.

As you are going about your day, if you run across an important piece of information you want to revisit, use the keyboard shortcut ⇧Shift + ⌘Command + S to star that moment.

When you want to later revisit that information later on, simply select the "Starred" facet in the Rewind search box and immediately be taken to all your starred moments.

As you continue to star moments, Rewind brings them together in one easy-to-find place instead of having them sprawled out across a bunch of disparate locations: being pinned in one app and bookmarked in another: often hidden under layers of menus and difficult to find.

Rewind keeps you in the moment and eliminates the need to take notes. Our hope is that with this lightweight keyboard shortcut of ⇧Shift + ⌘Command + S you’re able to stay in the moment and easily return to information that’s important to you.

To unstar a moment:

  1. Click on the three dots in the bottom right hand corner of your Rewind timeline

  2. Click on "Unstar moment"

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